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Our CBD oil is extracted from cannabis that is derived from hemp plants. You can explore detailed information on CBD below or click here to read different CBD articles.

What precisely is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp-derived cannabis extract that is widely available these days, from dispensaries and online retailers to your local corner store. It can be ingested, vaped, or applied to the skin, but it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. The human body has endocannabinoid receptors that interact with CBD to activate our regulatory health system, which aids in the relief of various conditions, such as chronic pain, joint pain, mood disorders, sleep issues, stress, inflammation, and immunity, among others.

What exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a blend of the chemical compound CBD and a premium carrier oil, such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is among the over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids present in cannabis and hemp. A growing number of individuals in Canada and worldwide are embracing CBD oil for its incredible health benefits. The use of CBD oil has been consistently rising and is expected to soon become the primary and most effective form of health and wellness for Canadians.


What are the advantages of CBD oil?

The benefits of using CBD oil are numerous. CBD has numerous scientific studies demonstrating its efficacy and a wide range of health benefits. Among these are, but are not limited to:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • comfort
  • Drowsiness (in high doses)
  • Mental clarity (in low doses)
  • Enhanced mood
  • Lowered levels of anxiety and stress.
  • relief

Although the research and analysis on CBD oil is still relatively recent, it can be asserted with confidence that CBD oil has a higher potential for benefits than drawbacks, with few significant negative effects. As such, many Canadians could contemplate CBD oil as a viable substitute to other medications, including those prescribed by medical professionals and pharmacies.

Is CBD oil likely to make you feel “HIGH”?

The truth is that CBD oil will not get you “HIGH” at all. Despite the fact that it is derived from the same species of cannabis plant as marijuana. CBD is derived from the plant’s non-psychoactive part, which contains little to no THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for the euphoric or intoxicating effects that most people are afraid of).

How should CBD oil be consumed?

CBD oil is available in a variety of forms, including tinctures, capsules, vapes, gummies, chocolates, topicals, and others. While they all have similar effects, they are slightly different.

Among the array of CBD products, CBD oil tinctures are the most commonly used, owing to their quick and easy absorption into the body. CBD oils are typically consumed sublingually, meaning they are placed under the tongue.

CBD capsules, which are ingested orally just like CBD oils, have a systemic effect that impacts the body gradually over time. However, it’s worth noting that capsules take longer to be absorbed by the body. CBD topical creams and salves are generally used to alleviate joint, nerve, and muscle pain, with some people also claiming benefits for skin issues such as rashes, eczema, and scarring.

CBD Edibles are increasing in popularity among both young and old people due to their appealing taste and convenience of use.

CBD vapes provide the most rapid method of CBD absorption, as the vaporized CBD oil is inhaled and quickly enters the bloodstream.

What are the different kinds of CBD oil?

The terms Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Water-Soluble CBD, and CBD Isolate are likely familiar to anyone who has used or seen CBD oil.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

By possessing a range of cannabinoids, is considered a powerful pain reliever. These cannabinoids work together to produce the “Entourage Effect,” which enhances their healing properties. Although it contains only small amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), it can still be effective.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

has characteristics and cannabinoids that are essentially identical to those of its full spectrum brother. Yet, the fact that it lacks THC content gives it a little difference.

Water-Soluble CBD

is one of the CBD products with the fastest onset of action due to its increased bioavailability. The rate at which a specific substance is absorbed by our body is referred to as bioavailability. Greater bioavailability indicates that the chemical is absorbed more rapidly and easily by your body.

Pure CBD Isolate Oil

Pure CBD Isolate is a form of CBD that contains no THC, making it the purest form available. This unique type of CBD promotes a calming and relaxing effect, and has its own distinct characteristics.

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